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The Evolution Frame and Cage Assembly is State of Art for Safety and Weight Reduction.  Get rid of your lugger aluminum or flimsy fiberglass frame and mount your engine onto the Evolution.  Contact us for conversion kits.


The Carbon Fiber Powered Paragliding Experience

Look no further than Osprey Powered Paragliding (Opsrey-PPG), America’s only manufacturer of composite carbon fiber powered paragliders.  We innovate.  We deliver.

Osprey Powered Paragliding is a partner of Osprey Technologies, a composite engineering company that provides design and analysis consulting services, prototypes, fabrication and more.  We are located in Tempe, Arizona, and the Evolution is made in America.  Visit us at Osprey Technologies to learn more about us.



Evolution Design Features

Carbon composite exhaust brackets with titanium fasteners replace Cors-Air steel brackets reducing weight by half a pound
Osprey designed carbon fiber seat plate for harness has higher strength and lower weight (more than half pound) than Apco wood plate
Tapered fuel tank to improve tank drainage
Carbon propeller hub with titanium fasteners replaces stock steel hub and fasteners
Ergonomically designed composite throttle handle.  Lightest on the market
Feet designed to improve clearance for pilot’s legs and improve PPG stability on ground.  Kevlar foot pads for wear resistance (no rubber pads that break off)


Evolution’s Versatility for Integration of Other Engines

The composite design of the evolution’s main frame lends itself to universal application of other engines.  Contact us for details and costs for integrating your own engine onto the evolution’s carbon frame.