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Main Frame:

Single-piece part carbon/epoxy construction

Carbon/Epoxy tubing


Each quadrant detachable by two #10 bolts and Velcro straps

Fully engulfs propeller for safety

Each cage quadrant is identical for part commonality


Black Devil Electric Start (172 cc)

Other engine options coming soon

Total Dry Weight:

55 lb


3.7 Gallons, Aviation Gas

Fuel Tank:

All composite tank integral to main frame


45″ Wood, Helix composite blade (coming soon)


Apco SLT or Universal Harness with Osprey composite seat plate


50″ x 51″ x 14″


$7750 (Introductory)

Evolution Design Features

Carbon composite exhaust brackets with titanium fasteners replace Cors-Air steel brackets reducing weight by half a pound
Osprey designed carbon fiber seat plate for harness has higher strength and lower weight (more than half pound) than Apco wood plate
Tapered fuel tank to improve tank drainage
Carbon propeller hub with titanium fasteners replaces stock steel hub and fasteners
Ergonomically designed composite throttle handle. Lightest on the market
Feet designed to improve clearance for pilot’s legs and improve PPG stability on ground. Kevlar foot pads for wear resistance (no rubber pads that break off)


Evolution’s Versatility for Integration of Other Engines

The composite design of the evolution’s main frame lends itself to universal application of other engines. Contact us for details and costs for integrating your own engine onto the evolution’s carbon frame.